Trip Report: ExLibris System Seminar 2007

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Ex Libris System Seminar in Potsdam, 14/05/07 - 16/05/07


Comprehensive seminar presenting topics across Ex Libris products - presently we use

  • SFXOpenURL Link Resolver for link resolving/providing relevant services/content based on OpenURLOpen Uniform Resource Locator 0.1/1.0
  • MetaLib for integration of resources/metasearching across resources
  • AlephIntegrated Library System by ExLibris for MPGMax-Planck-Gesellschaft Library Opacs

General impression

Brilliant - lecturers appeared competent and aware of present and future requirements/development.

Info material

[1] (all product tracks)


[2] (login required)

Notes about single sessions

  • SFXOpenURL Link Resolver.GEN.001 - OpenURLOpen Uniform Resource Locator 1.0 fundamentals; structure of OpenURLOpen Uniform Resource Locator 1.0 based on question words (Q6)
  • SFXOpenURL Link Resolver.IMP.001 - enhancing or augmenting SFXOpenURL Link Resolver metadata (by adding local data to SFXOpenURL Link Resolver and local objects, by adding local objects, or by source configuration and parsing of specific data from the OpenURLOpen Uniform Resource Locator pid section).
  • SFXOpenURL Link Resolver.IMP.003 - SFXOpenURL Link Resolver exports, SFXOpenURL Link Resolver APIApplication Programming Interface, A-Z list and more - contained introduction to SFXOpenURL Link Resolver xml APIApplication Programming Interface and is thus relevant for any integration of MPGMax-Planck-Gesellschaft/SFXOpenURL Link Resolver services (eSciDocEnhanced Scientific Documentation)
  • SFXOpenURL Link Resolver.IMP.004 - Local SFXOpenURL Link Resolver configuration
  • SFXOpenURL Link Resolver.MNT.001 - Managing SFXOpenURL Link Resolver to "Good Health" - system management, performance tuning, database management
  • MTL.ITInformationstechnik.001 - Upgrade to MetaLib 4.00 - description of process (which is still a bit awkward because resource/user data cannot be synchronized conveniently before taking up production - enhancement is expected to be available within approx. two months time.
  • MTL.IMP.001 - Customization of MetaLib 4.00 UI (mainly css based)
  • MTL.IMP.002 - MetaLib X-Services. MetaLib X-Services do not have a Java/SOAPSimple Object Access Protocol framework on top of proprietary xml services, in contrast to, for example, AlephIntegrated Library System by ExLibris. Question: Can services still be integrated (eSciDocEnhanced Scientific Documentation) the way they are, or ought we to insist that a standard webservice interface is indispensable?
  • MTL.KBKoninklijke Bibliotheek.001 - Initial Resource Analysis and Knowledge-Base debugging methods.
  • MTL.KBKoninklijke Bibliotheek.002 - HTTPHyperText Transfer Protocol-based resource configuration - resources which cannot be integrated using the standard interface gateways (i.e. z39.50, proprietary ALEPHIntegrated Library System by ExLibris_X, or even SRUSearch/Retrieval via URL) - this is handled by external programs.
  • MTL.KBKoninklijke Bibliotheek.003 - MetaLib Export/Import functionality - could be used to implement automatized workflows regarding maintenance of resource data.
  • MTL.MNT.001 - MetaLib 4.00 System Maintenance and Configuration - v4 performance sounds good (detailed testing of performance, server load, etc.) - no increase of server load to be expected (though new features require additional system resources, such as faceting/clustering of search results, which is outweighed by other factors, e.g. the use of Oracle 10).
  • GEN.MNT.001 - Oracle Maintenance and Configuration - general concept of MNT.001/002: run your system in maintenance mode vs. diagnostic and repair mode
  • GEN.MNT.002 - Routine Maintenance
  • GEN.OVR.001 - X-Services - cross-product overview of X-Services. AlephIntegrated Library System by ExLibris even offers standardizes webservice interface (Java/SOAPSimple Object Access Protocol JBOSS), whereas MetaLib does not (see above).
  • GEN.PDSPatron Directory Service.002 - sounds more promising as it turned out to be - rather general introduction to concept and philosophy of ShibbolethLogging-in system for computer networks as a "trust system" rather than web SSO system.