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The MPI for Psycholinguistics initiated a series of eScience seminars within the Max Planck Society. These seminars focus on necessary preconditions to enable science to benefit from distributed network environments like the Internet or the Grid in an effective manner. The eScience Seminar is coordinated by

  • Marc Kemps-Snijders (MPI Psycholinguistics)
  • Bernhard Neumair (GWDG)
  • Ulrich Schwardmann (GWDG)
  • Thomas Soddemann (RZG)
  • Stefan Heinzel (RZG)
  • Laurent Romary (MPDL)
  • Malte Dreyer (MPDL)
  • Andreas Gros (Coordinator; MPDL)
  • Robert Casties (MPI History of Science)
  • Hermann Schier (IVS-CPT)
  • Rainer Gerling (MPG GV)
  • Uwe Brahm (MPI Computer Science)
  • Gerhard Weikum (MPI Computer Science)
  • Peter Wittenburg (MPI Psycholinguistics)

For any comments, please contact Andreas Gros (

Here you find topics and results of the eScience seminar series.

eScience Seminar Topics 2007[edit]

  • Service and information registries (27/28. März Göttingen)
  • Secure server and service systems (20/21. Juni München)
  • Open archivable formats (25/26. Oktober Berlin)

The flyer describing the eScience seminars in 2007 can be downloaded here. After the two first seminars the BAR decided that the series should be continued. A draft version of the results of the first two seminars can be found under Results. A special expert group dealing with setting up distributed authentication and authorization infrastructure (AAI) has been setup. For details see Working Groups.

eScience Seminar Topics 2008 (open for discussion)[edit]

We would like to ask everyone interested to make comments about the possible topics for 2008. The current list of possible topics is based on discussions and is shown here

  1. Unique and persistent Identifiers and Resolving (Peter, Daan)

A point that should be addressed here are methods for referencing persistent resources. This includes citations.

  1. Advanced Knowledge Management (Weikum, Renn, Peter, Laurent, ?)
  2. Aspekte der Langzeit Archivierung (Wolfgang, Ulrich, ?)
  3. Analyse von Repository Systemen (Daan, Malte, ?)
  4. Allgemeines Seminar zum Thema eScience (Traugott, ?)
  5. Machine Learning Methoden (Malte, ?)

If you have other topics which you would suggest or if you would like to suggest priorities etc, please, add your comments to this forum. A more exhaustive list of possible topics can be found in the Themennet.