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GUI Releases of Publication Management (PubMan)[edit]

Example of Search Results[edit]

GUI without UIE involvement (PubMan R1.x)[edit]

No dedicated UI work has been done for these series of releases.

R1 SearchResults.png

GUI V1 (Preliminary layout and design)[edit]

First user interface patterns were described and users were interviewed. User interface development and visual information architecture was still not available for the releases of PubMan R2 and R3.

R2 SearchResults Export.png

GUI V2[edit]

PubMan R4 was the first user interface, done with dedicated methods in interface development, information architecture and usability evaluation.

R5 Search Result en.png

GUI V2[edit]

PubMan R7: The flexible UI allows the adoption to the new MPG design with little effort. However the existing appearance was kept and is available in Firefox as an alternative stylesheet. 3 series of usability interviews were conducted as part of a usability lifecycle. From R4 on many interface improvements have been done based on usability interviews.

R7 SearchResults en.png

GUI V3[edit]

Future releases may profit from interface components built by UIE. A major rework of interface patterns for scientific use will consider new technologies of HTML5 and more layout flexibility.