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* [http://www.zenphoto.org/ zenphoto]
* [http://www.zenphoto.org/ zenphoto]
* [http://piwigo.org/ piwigo]
* [http://piwigo.org/ piwigo]
* [http://www.metmuseum.org/collection/the-collection-online]
* [http://www.metmuseum.org/collection/the-collection-online The metropolitan museum of art]

==A mingle-mangle of Ideas ==
==A mingle-mangle of Ideas ==

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Functional Specification
Technical Specification

RDF mapping
Metadata terms


This page collects general ideas regarding the imeji solution

Links to useful tools (technical)

  • Ajax Image Editor: with watermarking, its not developed further, but looks nice as is
  • imgSeek: a collection of free open source projects for searching a collection of images using visual similarity
  • Hpp Gallery: Index and search color in images
  • Photostuff: An Image Annotation Tool for the Semantic Web
  • Multivio: generic browser and visualizer for digital objects

Links to similar projects

A mingle-mangle of Ideas

  • Improve presentation of single image with info on:
    • number of views of this pic
  • Create world map to visualize geotagged images
  • New automated collection 'The commons' here are all free pics
    • Or ability to filter all commons in the image list
  • Click on person metadata triggers search of all pics were this person is in
  • integration of ISAN (http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/ISAN) (for audiovisual material)
  • What can we get automatically from techn. metadata of image, do we want to auto fill them in the desc. metadata?
    • creation date
    • author
    • copyright
    • title
    • comment ...
  • Is there a standard for descriptive metadata for media files?
  • Where do we get the metadata
    • From DB (directly from db or from imeji solution) - no set definition! (implicit)
    • From repository (would mean to first implement escidoc data stream)
    • static or dynamic?
  • Which metadata formats do we want to expose via oai
    • dc (mandatory)
    • custom (how do we generate dc from here)
    • technical format (see above)
    • rdf
    • Jhove ?
  • Improve advanced search, e.g.: https://www.google.de/advanced_image_search?hl=de&biw=1920&bih=970&q=sun&tbm=isch