MPDL SvM Meeting 2009-11-04

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edoc2PubMan Migration[edit]

PubMan extensions[edit]





  • First time estimations have been done
  • For some points, further specification is needed
  • Backlog
  • Integrate functionalities from R3.5 or start afterwards?
  • Generalization Release (3.2)
  • Was released on qa yesterday
  • I am finished with testing. Only minor bugs occurred. In my opinion, 3.2.1 can be released on live!
  • R3.5
  • We had a prototype meeting on Monday
  • Minor changes still have to be done, e.g. search in released album list (Denise)
  • Specification has to be adapted (Kristina)
  • GUI V2 can start next week (Markus M.), as soon as R3.2 is released on live
  • Scope is really heavy (see Faces_Scope#R3.5), perhaps we can split it in two releases


  • R2.6.1 was released on Friday. Heavy bugs were detected, therefore we will need a bugfix release (hopefully end of this week by Markus H.)
  • Performance tests started, no problems expected.
  • The institute needs R2.6 with all books on live server before beginning of dec. (for presentation)
    • Minimum requirement: 16.11. (Dt 9 Bg 20 (Bde. 1-8) und Dt 9 Ag 267 F (Bd. 1)) auf dem live server




  • VK last Friday
  • Project Meeting (11.11.09) in Berlin
  • DFG letter --> answer has to be prepared
  • Participation at Berlin 7 conference (PR) --> still waiting for feedback as to the possibilities of presenting CARPET
  • Contacting new tools (PR) --> Monica has prepared an appropriate e-mail template, mails will be sent out as soon as contact details are available (mainly tel.-nr.)