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The following specifies the mapping of MODS metadata, which are part of the escidoc metadata record for ViRR items to Dublin Core metadata. This transformation will be exploited for the OAI-PMH interface of the ViRR solution.
This mapping basically reflects the mapping recommended by the Library of Congress.

Format Name[edit]

Source: MODS
Target: oai_dc


MODS Element Dublin Core Metadata Element Comment
titleInfo.title Title For multiple MODS titles use multiple instances of dc:title.
MODS allows <titleInfo> subelements to be parsed: <nonSort>, <title>, <subTitle>, <partNumber>, <partName> MODS subelements should be concatenated in Dublin Core, separated by a space or other form of punctuation.
name.namePart Creator MODS allows <name> subelements to be parsed: <namePart>, <displayForm>, <affiliation>, <role>, <description> MODS subelements should be concatenated in Dublin Core, separated by a space or other form of punctuation.
order -- --
subject Subject
subject.topic Subject Subject
classification Subject
abstract Description
note Description
tableOfContents Description
originInfo.publisher Publisher
originInfo.dateIssued Date
originInfo.dateCreated Date
originInfo.dateCaptured Date
originInfo.dateOther Date
originInfo.edition -- Publisher Add to Publisher, separated by comma
typeOfResource Type Use separate instances of Type for each MODS element value.
genre Type
physicalDescription Format Use separate instances of Format for each MODS element value.
internetMediaType Format
extent Format
form Format
recordInfo.recordIdentifier -- Not mapped, as institute specific
example: <recordIdentifier source="mab001">515624</recordIdentifier>
identifier Identifier It is suggested that the identifier type be retained and associated with the identifier value.
location.URL Identifier
location.physicalLocation -- Not mapped, as institute specific
example: Dt 9 Bg 20 Q [8]
language Language
relatedItem Relation If type="constituent", a full description may be given under relatedItem and conversion may result in an incomprehensible value. Alternatively, an application may wish to map only some elements under <relatedItem>, e.g., <titleInfo> and <identifier> or <location> if a full MODS description is given.

For example, if giving a reference to a resource fully described in MODS relatedItem, one could use: <relatedItem><identifier> and/or title of a resource: <relatedItem><titleInfo><title>

accessCondition Rights
copyInformation Rights

For start we will go with the provided transformation from LoC. All coloured metadata will not be in this mapping, but this will be fine for start. we can enhance the transformations at a later stage.

Other LoC Formats[edit]

We can also provide ViRR metadata in MARC21 format, as there is a transformation already provided (mods2marc21).


  • If we provide export of ViRR metadata on the user interface in oai_dc and/ or marc21 it must be clear that the export in this format only contains bibliographic metadata. For exporting structural metadata one has to use mets export.

General Information[edit]