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PubMan Functional Specification

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UC_PM_EX_01 Export items[edit]

The user initiates the export for specific versions of one or more items. The export formats are divided into two types: layout format and structured format. A layout format focuses on the layout and presentation of the item data and produces one citation style. Such export formats support different export file formats, e.g. pdf or html. A structured format focuses on the export of item data in a format that can be interpreted and processed by other systems. A structured format supports only one export file format.


  • Status: implemented
  • Schedule:R3


  • The user wants to export the selected items.


  • User


  • One or more item versions are selected.

Flow of Events[edit]

  • 1. The user chooses to export the selected items.
  • 2. The system displays a list of supported export formats.
  • 3. The user selects an export format.
  • 5. The user chooses to save the selected items to a file.
  • 6. If the export format is of type layout format,
    • 6.1. the system displays the list of supported export file formats.
    • 6.2. The user selects a file format and confirms the choice.
  • 7. The system creates the export file and makes the file available for saving by the user. The use case ends successfully.


  • 5a. The user chooses to display the selected items.
    • 1. The system displays the selected items in the chosen export format. For layout formats the export file format is HTML. The use case ends successfully.
  • 5b. The user chooses to send the selected items via email.
    • 1. The system displays an edit view for the email with a predefined subject, text and reply-to field (email of account user if exists).
    • 2. If the export format is of type layout format,
      • 2.1. the system displays the list of supported export file formats.
      • 2.2. The user selects a file format.
    • 3. The user enters the recipients for the email.
    • 4. (optionally) The user refines the reply-to and the CC field of the email.
    • 5. The user confirms the input.
    • 6. The system creates the export file, sends the email with the file attached and displays a success message (MSG_PM_EX_01). The use case ends successfully.

Post-Conditions / Results[edit]

  • The items are exported.

Formats supported[edit]

structured formats: EndNote, for further specification see Mappping

Layout formats: APA citation style; planned: APS for further information see citation style specification

Future development[edit]

  • Alternative:

If the export format is of type structured format,

a)the system displays the metadata definitions from the target metadata set and preselects the metadata definitions defined as default by the export format.

b)(optionally) The user refines the selection.

  • Alternative:

The system displays the list of export formats defined as default in the user preferences.

a)The user chooses to view a list of all supported export formats.

b)The system displays a list of supported export formats. Continue with Flow of Events.

  • set limit for export of data

option a):

User selects items

user chooses to export the items

the system calculates the total size of the export

user gets an information on how many MB s/he wants to export

user can decide if s/he wants to continue exporting/sending the export E-Mail or if s/he wants to de-select some items if it will take longer to export than a few seconds the user will get a sand glass or something so that s/he knows that it will take some time until the export is finished. This is common practice (see e.g. WoS).

option b):

System takes care if the user specified e.g 1000 items, the system should be able to "split" in reasonable packages and send several emails as "export part 1".."export part n"


Talk:PubMan_Func_Spec_Export#UC_PM_EX_01 Export items

Additional information[edit]

Export activities[edit]

Figure: Graphical representation of export activities for PubMan


Talk:PubMan_Func_Spec_Export#Additional Information

HTML Prototype[edit]

  • The publicly available HTML prototype for export and for other functionalities can be accessed from here: eSciDoc Prototyping.

Please note that this is work in progress and will be changed.