PubMan and Selenium tests

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Quick start[edit]

--What's Selenium, Architecture, Components, supported Platform, How it works? Media:Pubman_and_Selenium_tests.ppt

--How to create a selenium testcase step by step?


  1. Set up test environment (Dev)
    Java testcase(Selenium-RC )[2]
    Html testcase(Selenium IDE/RC) Media:Pubman_and_Selenium_tests.ppt
  2. Specify test scenarios
    see “PubMan-Testing scenarios” in Jira, e.g.[3]
  3. Create test accounts(moderator, depositor…) with fixed context (SvM)
  4. Specify TestPubmanItem Objects
    Item_ARTICLE, Item_ARTICLE_withFile, Item_ARTICLE_withFileAndLocator, Item_ARTICLE_withLocator … (for each Genre)
    on test accounts and test objects => would be good to be able to create useful examples and have the possiblity to restore them at any time (on separate repository)--Natasa 14:55, 1 February 2011 (UTC)
  5. organize test cases in input/result matrix
    positive and negative tests e.g.[4]
  6. Implemant test cases
  7. test reports