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Collecting ideas and scenarios to improve the access to, the storage of and the visibility of Open Access Publications. Feel free to use the discussion page!


  • Restrict advanced search for OA-(public) files (available with Release 5.0)


The aim is to get an overview of the Open access publishing activities of the staff of the Max-Planck Society. Not all publications are stored in PubMan in a first instance, but e.g. in subject-specific repositories or are available only via (commercial or open access)publisher homepages. In addition, it is important to understand, which publications are available free because of the activities of the MPS Golden Road-Strategy, i.e. the agreements with publishers to allow open access publishing based on payment.

Required functionalities:

  • Fetch (Meta)data from external systems (Done)
    • the available sources where to fetch from can be increased
  • Reporting on number of OA documents due to MPS OA Gold
    • should be related to ERM system
    • quick and easy, but not further structured: use local tags to add information "this article is public due to OA Gold"
  • OA Statistics


  • Provision of Embargo Dates per Fulltext (available with Release 5.0)
  • Automatic release after embargo date is over (should be optional, i.e. user or context setting)
  • Set an alert for embargoed items, to get informed as soon as item is publicly available
  • Provide "Request a copy" mail form (Mail-adress=context setting)
  • Workflow and Workspace for handling legal issues (aka Copyright Handling)


  • Provide "OA-Zähler", i.e. an automatic, prominently visible counter on the homepage of PubMan for "dynamic" counting of the OA documents. Counting should be on item level, where at least one component is publicly accessible.
To be decided: Dynamic counting counts only items entered via PubMan presentation. Items imported, migrated from eDoc or items from other PubMan instances can be counted only by nightly routine.
  • Provide special icon so OA items are better marked/visible in a search result list (perhaps even the icon of the orange buttons?).
  • What about an RSS feed containing most recent OA publications? --MFranke 15:26, 9 July 2009 (UTC)