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In order to improve the support for eDoc - the institutional repository of the MPS - some investigations and tests have been done to find an appropriate tool to create screencasts. The current evaluation focuses on freeware software available for Windows. Please see Nicole's bookmarks to get an overview on possible solutions, which can be used within a Windows environment.

Problems & Hints[edit]

File Size:

  • Both tools tested (CamStudio and BB Flashback Express) created quite big files. So either you select a software, which compresses your video or you have to additionally use a video compressor.
  • Casting the whole screen creates too big files.
Is this a matter of resolution?


  • A test video was uploaded to youtube. From there it could be easily integrated into a blog etc. The quality of the uploaded video is quite bad. The writings on the screen can not be read really and the screen is cut off.



  • Is there a good screencast software for Windows, that can be recommended?