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Possible functionalities for the functional prototype:

  1. Integration of a display functionality in the export menu for the csv data
  2. Integration of a data centric view of all attributes in form of a table (with sorting functionalities, column reduction, etc.)
  3. Normstudy
    1. Import of attributes
    2. Creation of new attributes with an automatic integration of the attribute(s) in the filter (search) functionality

Possible Use Cases[edit]


  • UC View item list
  • UC View item details
  • UC Navigate within picture


  • UC Browsing by attributes

User Management

  • UC Create account user
  • UC Log on to the system
  • UC Log off from the system
  • UC Edit account user (incl. assign administrative rights)
  • UC Delete account user
  • UC Request account user via application form


  • UC Export items


  • Withdraw person
  • Edit person

Baskets (Subsets)

  • UC Create user group
  • UC Create basket
  • UC Edit basket properties
  • UC Delete basket
  • UC Sending a basket link
  • UC Export basket