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Draft for a revised Policy[edit]

Basic principles[edit]

General Instructions[edit]

Please be aware that publications deposited in PuRe become freely available to the public.
You therefore should be sure that the publications are relevant for global distribution - especially those documents with direct affiliation to the MPDL. In case you're uncertain about a publication's relevance, please discuss this issue with your colleagues before depositing in PuRe.


  • Authors of the MPDL can send their publications to Katrin or Caroline for submission.
  • Alternatively, the publications can be deposited by the authors themselves using their own account.
  • Please avoid duplicates by checking the existing data before submission.
  • There will be no QA check by moderators before the release of an item. Please notice that released items are visible to the public and will be indexed by Google etc.
  • Authors should communicate their submissions (depositing activity) within their team/department.

Contact / Roles[edit]

General Support (Usage, Accounts, Priviliges)

  • Martin Boosen


  • Katrin Gashi (Innovations / Collections)
  • Caroline Gutser (Information)

Every member of the MPDL is allowed to have his own account for submission and/or file access.

Material to be deposited[edit]

  • All material that is meant for distribution and has been communicated outside the MPDL must be deposited on the institutional repository. This includes articles or talks and posters presented to a broader audience (several non MPDL members) - Context: "Publications..."
  • Optional: Internal material of general interest can be deposited by choice of the creator - Context: "Publications..."
  • Optional: External publications by MPDL staff - Context: "External Publications..."
  • Optional: External publications by non-MPDL authors in case of general interest for the MPDL (e.g. Berlin Conference papers) - Conext: "External Publications..."

  • All sensitive data (staffing, business internals etc.) has to be removed by the creator before the document is deposited.
  • Other material can be stored on the MPDL share drive (\\filesvr01\share\mpdl).

File Formats / Access Levels[edit]

  • PDF versions should be preferred to .doc, .ppt, .xls etc.
  • Visibility: MPG wide access or Public access, according to the audience addressed by the material.

Transfer of documents[edit]

In case a MPDL member is requested to share presentation material it is strongly recommended to provide only links to the document on the institutional repository instead of sending the corresponding files. In addition, conference organizers are asked to rather use this link than store the document locally.


Use of the "German Creative Commons Licences by" (CC by) is strongly recommended, see MPDL License for further reading.


  • After applying one specific license to a document, this shouldn't be changed any longer.

PuRe setup[edit]

Organizational Structure of the MPDL[edit]

  • Information
  • Innovations
  • Collections

Future reorganization will be transfered to the instituttional structure.


  • Publications of the Max Planck Digital Library - Productive Context for the Publications of the MPDL
  • External Publications of the Max Planck Digital Library - This context contains publications that have been submitted by MPDL staff members, but which are not directly affiliated to the MPDL.
  • Import Context of the Max Planck Digital Library - Contains all MPDL publications of the eDoc data migration.
  • PubMan Test Collection - Sandbox collection for test purposes within the productive server. Please do not release any of the items stored in this context!
  • Reinhold von Sengbusch

All new Material should be deposited to one of these contexts - depending on the institutional connection of the publication (see above):

  • Publications of the MPDL
  • External Publications of the MPDL


Every staff member of the MPDL needs to have a CoNE entry including at least one affiliation. Missing CoNE entries can be created on purpose when needed for a concrete publication.
Additional information can be added to the CoNE entries by choice of each author.

MPG Yearbook[edit]

All publications that are supposed to be part of the MPDL contribution to the MPG yearbook have to be submitted to PuRe prior to the official deadline.
Martin Boosen is responsible for passing on the information about deadlines and for the creation of the MPDL yearbook contribution.