Trip Report: Registry Community Workshop

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Registry Community Workshop[edit]

  • The Registry Community Workshop 2009 is organised by UKOLN and the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative (DCMI), who have had a long standing interest in Metadata Schema Registries (MSR).
  • Location: Novotel, York (UK)
  • Date: 24th July 2009


This event provided an opportunity for those involved in metadata schema use to get updates on existing initiatives such as the Registry Task Group, Information Environment Metadata Schema Registry, and the Open Registry Consortium. It also provided a forum for discussion on future direction and strategy.


  • Mapping the metadata registry environment - reporting back on a survey of the current state of the art for metadata registries, present developments, the range of use cases that have arisen, and the interoperability needs for registry developers.
  • A look at current metadata registry software and approaches to metadata management (Round-robin - participants are welcomed to introduce their involvement/interest in the area in a brief presentation)
  • A straw man discover each other's content, and use it to develop connections - how far does machine-to-machine level reuse take us, confronted with issues such as internationalisation and localisation?
  • Another straw man / discussion We'd ideally like to transition this into a brief discussion of peoples' requirements and priorities, so that this can be turned into a set of recommendations and perhaps some practical engagement in terms of setting up test beds and the like.

Talks and Slides[edit]

General impression[edit]

It was a very interesting event. Unfortuately I was not able to be in York, so I joined the workshop via Skype. It was difficult to follow the discussions because of background noise but the presentations where clear. There were many interesting presentations about registries, metadata handling and about a survey regarding the usage of registries. I also talked about our metadata handling and got feedback from other participants who have the same issues with metadata profiles.

Links and further information[edit]