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CoLab User Portal

The CoLab pages represent work in progress for various activities related to eScience and MPDL. This portal organises information on and for CoLab wiki users, such as the list of user profiles, a list of current user groups and a collection of ongoing discussions.

The CoLab wiki is designed to be a vital community platform (see the concept paper for MPDL CoLaboratory) and everybody is invited to contribute information related to activities in eScience and MPDL. If you want to participate, read more about our editorial policy and feel free to create a user account.

Testbox - any ideas?

This is a test text on participation (which is fun!)

  • Join and try, it is healthy and makes you feel youthful forever
  • and so on
  • and so on
Issues and ongoing discussions

These issues and ongoing discussions might be of public interest:

  • Discussion on Func Spec XY
  • Discussion on the new solution XYZ that …
  • Trip Report of the latest eSciDoc meeting at Karlsruhe
How to participate
  • Create a user account
  • Improve your user account: This is the profile of the month – join the competition and add information an a picture on your user page
  • Give feedback on CoLab