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Ulla Tschida, head of service management, MPDL

tschida [at]


brain work[edit]

  • solutions for discipline-specific research questions
  • tasks, responsibilities and best practice in digital curation of research data
  • bring ideas/needs to solutions and solutions to services
  • finding a definition of "service management" within Research&Development and within the MPDL
  • "shaping vs planning" (aka "long-term aims vs short-term goals" aka "how to not get lost in micromanagement")
  • effective, agile and social participation/cooperation methods

concrete work[edit]

  • manage projects
  • align functional development with software development and GUI development
  • align ideas for new solutions (re-use/extend existing processes, re-use/extend domain fields)
  • write release plans
  • maintain close exchange with pilots and early adopters
  • develop and maintain further contacts within MPG and external partners
  • write functional concepts and specifications

favourite keywords (subject to daily change)[edit]

  • legacy trauma
  • stakeholder awareness
  • service level agreements
  • management of expectations


austrian, born 1974

2000 finished studies in comparative literature, Universitaet Wien (A)

2003 finished Master of Science in Library and Information Science, Donauuniversitaet Krems (A)

working for MPG since 2002