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Virr Medium Multivolume 31 Static.gif Virtueller Raum Reichsrecht

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Action Matrix

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Digitization Lifecycle



Please note that release dates might change during development life cycle.

Checkmark.png Release 1.0[edit]

  1. Ingestion (no user interface)
    • scans --> derive from file structure a basic skeleton of toc
    • bibliographic metadata: MAB mapping to MODS
    • structural metadata: eSciDoc container
    • derive basic keywords from bibliographic metadata
  2. Browse and Display (basic)
    • alphabetical sorted browsing tree (multi-volume works, parts and pages)
    • display of basic bibliographic metadata (name of book, page)
    • display of scans in detailed view

Checkmark.png Release 1.5[edit]

  • Original picture size in new window
  • Link to DFG Viewer
  • Only 1 book for a start (ingestion will be continued successively)

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Checkmark.png Release 2.0[edit]

  • New GUI for bibliographic metadata (on book level, volume level, multi volume level)
  • Edit bibliographic metadata
  • Browsing by physical structure/scans
  • URL for each image

Checkmark.png Release 2.1[edit]

  1. Editing
    • create logical pagination
    • enrich toc skeleton with information on structural elements (i.e. chapters)
    • relate pages and structural elements (e.g. page 1-5 = chapter 1)
    • add metadata about the chapters, e.g. keywords
  2. Browsing and Display (enhancement)
    • display of all information collected during the editing process
    • linking between the structural elements and the corresponding scans
    • Ingestion all pages of the 2 books
  3. Simple User Management
    • Log on / log of
    • Editor role

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Checkmark.png Release 2.5[edit]

  • Minor changes in ToC editor and browsing page, based on feedback from last meeting (07.05.09)
  • Rework of homepage content (by institute)
  • Rework of the start browsing page
  • Will include Oertel 1-8 and Schauroth 1-3

Checkmark.png Automated Ingestion[edit]

  • Extend ingest procedure to automatically generate JPEGs incl. parameter setting for JPEG generation:
    • Thumbnail resolution
    • Web resolution
    • Full resolution
  • Will not include cropping of black frames

Checkmark.png Release 2.6[edit]

  • Help (context-sensitive)
  • Integration of disclaimer
  • Integration of copyright and license information
  • Book markable pages/nice URLs
  • Display metadata in ISBD style
  • Inclusion of testresults from the institute

Checkmark.png Release 2.7[edit]

  • Bugfix
  • Ingest of all books

Checkmark.png Release 3.0[edit]

  • GUI rework (GUI v2)
  • Persistent identification of resources (Handle assignment)
  • Basic export (METS/ MODS)

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Open Issues[edit]

  • Integration of the requirements for the Journal Project
  • Check routines for the editor
    • No structural element without an assigned page
    • Check sequential pagination
    • Check for 'not assigned pages'
    • Check for 'not paginated pages'
  • Search engine optimization
  • ZVDD conform
  • OAI-PMH Interface (define sets)

Project Phase[edit]

The development for the ViRR project is finished since end of 2010 the ideas and findings will run in the new project Digitisation Lifecycle.