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Please add new conferences in a chronologically ascending order and assign them to the right month. National workshops and other events may be announced on Upcoming Events 2014 instead.


2014-01-14: Help Turn Voices from BBC Radio into Open Data for Wikipedia in London, UK[edit]

2014-01-18: Perspectives in understanding open access to research data – infrastructure and technology challenges in Geneva, Switzerland[edit]

2014-01-25: Connecting Articles and Data to Expand Open Access to Research in Philadelphia, USA[edit]


2014-02-10: Opening Up Science to the World: Open Access Models and Why They Matter in Cambridge, UK[edit]

2014-02-10/11: Workshop Sustainability of Open Access Services in Utrecht, Netherlands[edit]

2014-02-14: Making it Count: Big Data, the Open Revolution and Public Engagement in London, UK[edit]

2014-02-22: International Open Data Hackathon worldwide[edit]


2014-03-03/04: SPARC Open Access Meeting "Convergence" in Kansas City, USA[edit]

2014-03-10/15: Open Education Week 2014 worldwide[edit]

2014-03-11/12: Jisc Digital Festival 2014 in Birmingham, UK[edit]

2014-03-11: Opening Science to Meet Future Challenges in Warsaw, Poland[edit]

2014-03-12: Information Day on Open Access and Data Management in The Hague, Netherlands[edit]

2014-19/20: Open Data Contributions Welcomed at European Data Forum 2014 in Athens, Greece[edit]

2014-03-25/27: Enhancing the Digital Knowledge Society's Information Needs in Doha, Qatar[edit]

2014-03-26/28: Third Plenary for the Research Data Alliance in Dublin, Ireland[edit]

2014-03-27: Lecture: Digitized Archives and Distant Reading in Paris, France[edit]


2014-04-07: Grey Literature and Policy Development: The Pisa Declaration in Pisa, Italy[edit]

2014-04-10: Lecture: Natively Digital Data Mapping in Paris, France[edit]


2014-05-07/08: Big Data and Open Data in Brussels, Belgium[edit]

2014-05-13/15: CRIS 2014: Current Research Information Systems Managing Data Intensive Science The Role of Research Informtion Systems in Realising the Digital Agenda in Rome, Italy[edit]

2014-05-014: Policy Recommendations for Open Access to Research Data in Europe: Legal and ethical challenges in Amsterdam, Netherlands[edit]

2014-05-19/20: Open Access Symposium – The Business and Economics of Open Access in Denton, USA[edit]

2014-05-20/23: Open Access: Movement to Reality – Putting the Pieces Together in Athens, Greece[edit]

2014-05-21/23: CeDEM14 International Conference for E-Democracy and Open Government 2014 in Krems, Austria[edit]

2014-05-21/23: COAR Annual Meeting – OpenAIRE Conference 2014 in Athens, Greece[edit]

2014-05-25/29: Sepublica 2014 – The Semantics for e-Science in an Intelligent Big Data Context in Anissaras, Crete, Greece[edit]

2014-05-27/28: INFORUM 2014 Conference on Professional Information Resources in Prague, Czech Republic[edit]


2014-06-02/03: 1st Asian Conference on Open Access Scholarly Publishing in Bangkok, Thailand[edit]

2014-06-03: Livre életronique et Open Access in Paris, France[edit]

2014-06-03/04: 18th International Conference on Electronic Publishing" in Thessaloniki, Greece[edit]

2014-06-03/06: 40th IASSIST Conference: Aligning data and research infrastructure in Toronto, Canada[edit]

2014-06-04/06: The Openness Paradigm: How Synergies Between Open Access, Open Data, Open Science, Open Source Hardware, Open Drug Discovery Support Development? in Lausanne, Switzerland[edit]

2014-06-09/13: Open Repositories Conference 2014 in Helsinki , Finland[edit]

2014-06-09/13: Euroscience Open Forum 2014 in Copenhagen, Denmark[edit]

2014-06-12/13: DHBenelux – Conference for Digital Humanities Research in Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands in The Hague, Netherlands[edit]

2014-06-18: Open Access Monographs – Oxford forum with publishrs and funders in Oxford, UK[edit]

2014-06-19/20: 18th International Conference on Electronic Publishing in Thessaloniki, Greece[edit]

2014-06-21/26: European Open Forum 2014 in Copenhagen, Denmark[edit]

2014-06-23/27 Open Science Conference: Future Oceans in Bergen, Norway[edit]


2014-07-01: Success Factors of Institutional Open Access Policies – Which Role(s) for Libraries in Riga, Latvia[edit]

2014-07-02/05: LIBER 43rd Annual Conference – Research Libraries in the 2020 Information Landscape in Riga, Latvia[edit]

2014-07-08/12: Digital Humanities 2014 – Digital Cultural Empowerment in Lausanne, Switzerland[edit]

2014-07-09: New to using open access resources in teaching research methods in Birmingham, UK[edit]

2014-07-10: Open Data at the UN Development Cooperation Forum in New York City, USA[edit]

2014-07-23/25: Electronic Theses and Dissertations 2014 in Leicester, UK[edit]

2014-07-30/31: Repository Fringe 2014 in Edinburgh, Scotland[edit]


2014-08-12/14: Les bibliothèques d'art face au défi de l'édition électronique: nouveaux formats, nouveaux acteurs, nouvelles solutions in Paris, France[edit]

2014-08-13/14: Digital Transformation and the Changing Role of News Media in the 21st Century in Geneva, Switzerland[edit]

(Call for Papers)

2014-08-16/22: IFLA World Library and Information Congress – 80th IFLA General Conference and Assembly in Lyon, France[edit]

2014-08-25/26: DataCite Annual Conference 2014 in Nancy, France[edit]


2014-09-01/04: CIPA-ICOMOS-ISPRS Workshop 2014 in Bejing, China[edit]

(Call for Papers; will be held in conjunction with the 3rd International Symposium on Cultural Heritage Conservation and Digitization)

2014-09-02/03: Open Source GIS Conference – OSGIS 2014 in Nottingham, UK[edit]

(Call for Papers)

2014-09-04: Open Access Issues and Potential Solutions in Glasgow, Scotland[edit]

2014-09-06/07: Archivia 14 in Linz, Austria[edit]

2014-09-08: Publishing with Impact – Open Access, e-Repositories and Citations in London, UK[edit]

2014-09-11: Are you ready for openness ? Les modèles de l'open – Open experience à Wave in Paris[edit]

2014-09-12: 3rd International Workshop on Minig Scientific Publications in London, UK[edit]

2014-09-15: Wissenschaft und Freies Wissen – Fortschrittsmotor und Gemeingut der Informationsgesellschaft in Vienna, Austria[edit]

2014-09-15/16: Open Finland 2014 Exhibits the Opportunities of Open Data in Helsinki, Finland[edit]

2014-09-17/19: 6th Conference on Open Access Scholarly Publishing in Paris, France[edit]

2014-09-18/19: ERC Workshop on Research Data Management and Sharing in Brussels, Belgium[edit]

2014-09-18/21: Digital Presentation and Preservation of Cultural and Scientific Heritage (DIPP 2014) in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria[edit]

2014-09-24: ORCID and DataCite: Towards Holistic Open Research in Amsterdam, Netherlands[edit]

2014-09-29/30: Free Workshop: Horizon 2020 Open Science, Open Data in Brussels, Belgium[edit]


2014-10-02: The Reuse of Digital Cultural Content in Education, Tourism and Leisure: an Opportunity for Cultural Institutions and Creative Industries, an Investment for the Future in Rome, Italy[edit]

2014-10-03/04: Open Access Week worldwide[edit]

2014-10-08/11: Metadata Intersections: Bridging the Archipelago of Cultural Memory – International Conference on Dublin Core and Metadata Applications in Austin, Texas[edit]

2014-10-17: Symposium Rushing to Revolution? Open Access Models for Humanities Journals in Utrecht, The Netherlands[edit]

2014-10-20: Open Science – Impact and Research Funding in Helsinki, Finland[edit]

2014-10-22: Open Access for REF2020 and Research Data Management: What do Researchers Need to Know? in Egham, United Kingdom[edit]

2014-10-28: Open Research Data: The Future of Science in Zurich, Switzerland[edit]


2014-11-02/05: Data Sharing and Integration for Global Sustainability in New Delhi, India[edit]

2014-11-03/04: Summit 2014 in London, UK[edit]

2014-11-05: Harnessing Open Data for Business Advantage – Examples of Value Extracted from the Census and Other Open Sources in London, UK[edit]

2014-11-15/17: Broad Coalition Announces Student and Early Career Researcher Conference on Open Access, Open Education and Open Data in Washington DC, USA[edit]

2014-11-17/18: Investing in Opportunity in London, UK[edit]

2014-11-19: 11th Annual Open Education Conference in Arlington (Vi), USA[edit]

2014-11-24/26: Interpreting the Information Age’: New Avenues for Research and Display in London, UK[edit]

(Call for Papers)

2014-11-25/26: Archives 2.0 – Saving the Past, Anticipating the Future at the National Media Museum in Bradford, UK[edit]

2014-11-26/27: Munin Conference on Scholary Publishing in Tromsø, Norway[edit]

2014-11-27/28: Libre accès et recherche scientifique: vers de nouvelles valeurs in Tunis, Tunisia[edit]

2014-11-27/29: International Conference on the Convergence of Libraries, Archives & Museums (ICLAM) in New Delhi, India[edit]


2014-12_02/03: PASTEUR4OA Europe-Wide Project Meeting of National Experts in London, UK[edit]

2014-12-03/04: Encouraging Open Data Usage by Commercial Developers in Lisbon, Portugal[edit]

2014-12-05: The Adacemic Librarcian in the Open Access Future in New York, USA[edit]

2014-12-08/09: Grey Literature Lobby: Engines and Requesters for Change in Washington DC, USA[edit]


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