Backup-Script for Pubman

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Idea to create a Backup Script for Pubman[edit]

  • Script is applicable for a Suse Linux

Set and Remove PID from Solution[edit]

Firstly you should modify your Jboss and Fedora script. On start of Jboss the PID must write in a file. And if the JBoss-Server will stopped that the PID of Jboss will removed.

Example for Jboss start:

echo $! > /var/run/

Example for Jboss stop:

rm -rf /var/run/

If Fedora and Jboss use a pid-file you can start with the backup script.

Stop solution, create a Snapshot and start solution[edit]

To get a consistence backup, the most secure way is to stop all used services, create a snapshot of the used data and start the services.

/etc/init.d/jboss stop
/etc/init.d/fedora stop
/etc/init.d/postgresql stop
lvcreate --size 5000m --snapshot --name backupxy --permission r /dev/backup/backup
/etc/init.d/postgresql start
/etc/init.d/fedora start
/etc/init.d/jboss start

Now you can create a consistent backup of your files

Backup all Files[edit]

Mount the snapshot

mount /dev/backup/backupxy

Add your backup routine for backupxy with rsync or what ever you want.

Umount the snapshot

umount /dev/backup/backupxy

And remove the backuped snapshot

lvremove -f /dev/backup/backupxy

Now you have a consistence backup of your System.

Additional modifcations for the backup script[edit]

Automatic backup[edit]

Create a cronjob for your backup script to run your backup in the same period.

Send Mail by problems[edit]


Run the last command successfully? If not send mail[edit]

if [ ! "${RC}" = "0" ]; then
 mail -s "Problem with ac: ${HOST}  Status-RC=($RC)" ${MAILTO} </dev/null &

Run the last command successfully? If not send mail and recreate the snapshot of the volume[edit]

if [ ! "${RC}" = "0" ]; then
 mail -s "${HOST} snapshot: lvcreate RC=($RC)" ${MAILTO} </dev/null &
 lvremove -f /dev/backup/backupxy
 lvcreate --size 3500m --snapshot --name backupxy --permission r /dev/backup/backup

Security feature to start the script if the last run was successful[edit]

If your script should only run after a successful backup, you can rename the script on start and set it backup on the end of the script.

mv backup.sh0
mv backup.sh0