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TIME: 15:00 Uhr MEZ


  1. Current Standing
    1. Standardization in CSS
      1. Simplification for development handling
      2. level structure for CSS - from core.css to appearance.css
      3. theme compatibility for all non-/productive solutions
    2. one CSS framework for all solutions - Common Presentation
      1. includes all defined classes independent of usage
  2. Discrepancy between GUI & Development in JavaScript
    1. GUI : DEV === jQuery : frameworks for Java
    2. Is it possible to find general & central JavaScript which can be updated regular and create the new standard for all solutions & GUI working?
  3. Relationship between GUI & Development
    1. How is the teamwork at the moment?
    2. Which targets should be defined for further working?
  4. What type of JavaScript frameworks should be used?
  5. Which CSS framework should be used in non-/productive projects?


  • Is it possible to find ONE JS-Library for all solutions/projects?

  • basic library is: jQuery, Prototype, MooTools, ...?
  1. in which library standard should be developed
  • which frameworks are in use for jsf?
  1. richfaces
  2. primfaces
  3. trinidad
  • Is it possible to create an standardization for the code base?
  • Makes own programmed functions sense or should be used the given functions from framework?


  1. How is the handling with exisiting component library and non-/productive projects?
  2. How is the handling with the existing CSS and new Components?
  3. How is the handling with new CSS Styles for new/existing Components?


very short[edit]

  • new component: use the given js-function and rebuild CSS in GUI
  • only specific and not available functions should be created manually
  • discuss components between DEV & GUI for existing components
  • comments for js-functions
  • create a upload component in CSS & HTML


wrotes by Natasa (thx)

  • Strong recommendation to avoid richfaces, primfaces and trinidad in mixture and to decide upon one
    • richfaces recommended - to which other solutions would switch as soon as possible (new solutions shall work-upon)
  • JSF components will be used - as is - only CSS will be modified as needed
  • in case when a new functionality is needed, it is recommended to re-use an existing JSF component and create a new which contains desired functionality (i.e. either as composite - HTML markup, or as new JSF component which requires Java code editing)
  • the principle of modify as less as possible shall be followed: to have as less own customization of code and JS functions as possible - to ensure maintainability
  • the aim would be to have more JSF-provided components then own created components (to be rare exceptional cases only)
    • therefore - the aim would be to carefully consider if we shall customize or create new - or rather compromise on less functionality due to JSF framework limitation
  • the aim would be to plan for migrating of all solutions to richfaces (desired new component framework, unified versions of JS libraries in use) - and plan for solutions how to do it
  • the GUI/DEV team shall therefore analyze and collaborate on following topics:
    • which components from existing solutions have accordingly a component in richfaces
    • identify components that shall be created new (build on top of existing)
    • identify components that do not exist in richfaces, but can still be used (such as the uploader)
  • new solutions such as Digital Lifecycle project - shall be built on this principle completely