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  • to discuss the design on the journal specific citation styles


  • possibilties to cite a journal article in different ways depending on journal itself?
  • shall these be allowed for journals in CoNE only?
  • if not - what will happen, when a journal is not in CONE?
  • how to relate CoNE journals and Citation styles definition (still keeping them loosely coupled as services?)
  • How will the author know wich citation style is choosen for a journal of the article?
  • What will happen, when 2 institutes do not have the same citation style for the same journal?
  • What will happen when a jurist author write an article for non-jurist journal without special "CONE-Flag" (for example one of our directors writes for iX).

Approaches initially discussed[edit]

  • A: make relations in CoNE to the citation style ID
  • B: define Citaton Styles for a Journal may be CoNE ID or ISSN or Journal name etc.)
  • both have cons/pros i.e.
    • Approach A:
      • Citation styles must be referencable (makes sense to have repository for citation styles)
      • Citation manager i.e. Transformation (not clear which one at present) must always query CoNE (dependency)
      • External citation web-services may be involved to deliver the citation
    • Approach B:
      • Citation styles can be independent on CoNE (i.e. any metadata journal name, issn or CoNE ID can be used for selecting the appropriate citation to apply)
      • External citation web-services may still be involved (transformation/export)

Structuring the citation styles[edit]

  • 1 citation style=1 journal ?
  • 1 institute = 1 citation style ? (with journal-specific definitions)

Outcome 12.02.2010[edit]

  • 1 citation style for JusCMS
  • new function in CitStyle manager AskCone (journalId)
    • Cone contains the Id(Name) of the layout element that should be applied for the journal
    • cit manager has to cache relevant Cone data (performance issue)
    • cache refreshement has to be triggered in a e.g. hourly interval
    • cache refreshment contains only citstyle relevant journals
  • variants for the institutes for same citstyle and same journal have to be checked if possible
  • coneID of journal has to be in publication metadata
  • Journal-spec citations are valid only for several JusCMS genres with source Journal
    • Journal-spec citations will be handled as citation style layout elements
  • Cone model modification for journals