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Basic Functionality[edit]

  • Not to be tested: Existing assessments, already done by external organisations, can be used
  • Address book functionality will be tested by PR/Berichtswesen
  • Calendar use will be tested by Informationsversorgung

Web Client[edit]

Client interoperability needs testing with existing clients. Participants are still needed. Especially for users with Thunderbird there need to be a way to connect to exchange server.

  • Web Client and Usability
  • Client interoperability
  • Mobile synchronization

Evaluation Criteria[edit]

Installed groupware solutions are to be judged after the test using the following criteria. The criteria is still open for discussion and can be extended/commented:

Criteria with high priority[edit]

  • Support and Maintenance
  • Client Support
  • Mobile synchronization
  • Web Client & Usability

Lower priority criteria[edit]

  • Customizability/Flexibility
  • Open Source
  • Costs (low costs are to be expected in any case: Exchange by GWDG, eGroupware by EDV)
  • Export/Import