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hosting services at aei[edit]

domain registration/dns[edit]

  • (eu)
  • (eu, com)


  • wpmu installation running in a virtual machine under ubuntu 9.04 2GB ram, 24GB hd
  • srvd physical machine, 4GB ram, 85GB hd
  • srvp physical machine, 4GB ram, 85GB hd
  • srvq virtual machine, 2GB ram, 24GB hd

there's an additional test server for the livingreviews journals.

the virtual machines are fully backed-up/snapshot using vmware services.

the physical machines are backed-up using tsm.


- the IP addresses of our machines are used in various places (which

 are not fully documented):
 - postgresql access configuration,
 - IP based authentication at various service providers,
 - log file processing software,
 - ...


srvp serves > 200 000 http requests per day fronted by apache.


all machines serve http and https on the standard ports, https is served using certificates from the mpdl ra.

http authentication[edit]

http authentication is synchronized between our machines using - openid, - an htpasswd file which is copied between srvp and srvd.


the following software runs on at least one the 4 machines specified above: - apache - nginx - squid - postgresql - mysql - trac - subversion - wordpress mu

all machines run custom software (at least for administration), developed and tested under debian/ubuntu only, requiring python >= 2.5.

service level agreement[edit]

response times of the staff at the AEI is specified in the service level agreement accompanying the cooperation contract.