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by metadata elements and item data[edit]

The system supports the sorting of the item list according to one of the following metadata elements:

  • Date (most recent)
  • Title
  • Genre
  • Creator – Person.FamilyName or Organization.Name of the first Creator
  • PublishingInfo – Organisation.Name
  • ReviewMethod
  • Source.Creator – Person.FamilyName or Organization.Name of the first Source.Creator
  • Source.Title
  • Event.Title
  • Last Modified, descending

and the following item data, which should only be available for logged in users:

  • Collection (context)
  • State
  • Owner

The system must support sorting in respect of case insensitivity and special characters (e.g. ä, ö, ü, ß, é, ê, è).

Default system sorting[edit]

By default, system sorting is by date (descending). At least one date has to be provided. In case various datetypes are provided in the list, prefered hierarchy for sorting criteria should be (taken from eDoc):

The sorting is following (according to appearance order):

1) if genre ( is Thesis or PhD-Thesis or Habilitation ) and dateaccept is filled then sort by dateaccept

2) if year is filled then sort by dateaccept

3) if datemodified is filled then sort by datemodified

4) if dateofevent is filled then sort by dateofevent

5) sort by dateofevent 1901-01-01

6) sort by the length of the date, generated in 1)-5)