PubMan Workshops 2009

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This page serves for announcing, planning and documenting PubMan Schnupperkurse.

The next workshops will be scheduled around March 2010. If you are interested in attending a workshop, please write an email to:'''

24. November, Schnupperkurs Leipzig at MPI EVA[edit]

29. September, Schnupperkurs München at the MPDL[edit]


15. September 2009, Schnupperkus Berlin at the MPI for molecular Genetics[edit]

Schedule: 10-16 o'clock

9. June 2009, Schnupperkurs Hamburg[edit]

Workshop executed by Andrea Seesko


  • Brigitte Lechner, Plön
  • Carola Kauhs, Hamburg
  • Bernd Stickfort, Bremen
  • Susanne Schaper, Marburg

Used technique

  • unix-based Computer, Browser: Konqueror, 4 concurrent logged in users
  • problems in page reproduction, error message when fetch MD (no privileges to fetch the full text)


  • 11.30-16 o'clock including 30 minute break
  • talk including questions: 60 minutes
  • hands on: 3 hours
  • workshop material, PDF

Conclusions of the participants and report about the workshop

... can be found in the PubMan Blog

18. August 2009, Schnupperkurs Göttingen[edit]

Participants: 12-20 participants from several institutes, including IT departments

Preliminary list of participants[edit]

Can be found under: PubMan_Workshops_2009/Teilnehmer (MPDL internal access only)