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The TEI Demonstrator is a repository solution for TEI documents, based on eSciDoc. It allows uploading and publishing of TEI documents as well as the creation and publishing of TEI collections. The TEI Demonstrator is developed by the Max Planck Digital Library (MPDL) within the scope of the DARIAH project.


Version 1.0, 15.06.2010[edit]

  • Upload of texts (TEIs)
  • Validation of uploaded texts against schema TEI ALL
  • Personal workspace for texts
  • Collection management (creation of collections, adding and removing of texts)
  • Release management for texts and collections (Pending, Released, Withdrawn)
  • Private and public texts and collections
  • Transform and view TEI as XHTML or XML
  • Transform and download TEI as PDF, DocX, LaTeX, XSL-FO
  • Simple Search (including TEI XML)
  • Advanced Search (Including XPath, element and attribute search and selectable result context)
  • Search in texts, collections, selection
  • Customizable GUI

Version 1.0, 23.06.2010[edit]

  • Advanced Search in non released Documents
  • Basic Metadata extraction on file upload (if document contains title and author)
  • Validation against TEI_ALL just reports errors and does no longer reject the creation of the document
  • New menu structure for Text and Collection Workspace: Easier switching between "My Texts/Collections" and "Public Texts/Collections"
  • After upload, the created item is displayed instead of the "My Texts" workspace.

Version 1.0, XX.XX.XX[edit]

  • When downloading the TEI File, the filename stays and is not "content" anymore
  • Added links to "View XHTML" and "View XML" page that show the content fully in a new browser window