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  • Future development plans - short term roadmap on versions/features for release 1.4 to 2.0
  • Fulltext indexing
    • enhanced with own xslt - questions from MPDL related to
    • configuration of the search results output (rather than complete item/component/container)
    • highlighting of search results (e.g. get the last page break tag)
    • full text indexing for all FT visibility, searching according privileges and displaying snippets according privileges
    • selective indexing from Admin tools
    • incremental indexing
  • Solr support and interfaces
  • OAI provider - transformations from item (not only from metadata record)?
  • Admin tool 1.3 offers only repository information
  • Transition of framework and common logic to Java Interface Client Connector (Java client library)
    • REST item handler does not offer add content relations at all (can be done via update, but not nice) - REST handler does
    • REST/SOAP handler still exist in 1.3 - with REST handler we can not work with Java objects
  • Digilib integration
    • plans , ideas, replacements?
  • AA
    • external roles
    • standalone service
  • Scalability&Performance
    • creation of items (MPDL provides some numbers)
    • reindexing
    • statistics - other store - faster and not dependent on escidoc-core and fedora?
  • stress testing, mass data generation, monitoring of core service - how is done internally at FIZ with reference to FIZ Fedora Performance and Scalability Wiki
  • workflow settings (content model, context?)
    • items immediately released (with proper indexing afterwards) -> one call to the service
    • item event log (update, insert comments?)
  • Content Models
    • Any plans from MPDL side?
    • Pragmatic and iterative approach - some ideas

  • JBoss, other AS, Tomcat
    • supporting newer versions of JBoss
    • support for other AS
    • Tomcat
  • PubMan
    • Migration plans to version 1.4 of eSciDoc Infrastructure
    • Evaluation of eSciDoc Infrastructure Java Connector ("Java Client Library")
  • Other eSciDoc Applications
    • Status of Digitization Lifecycle
    • Stats of Imeji
    • Status of eSciDoc Browser
  • Building eSciDoc from source