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A small glossary for the used terms can be found under Miscellaneous.
NOTE: Please enter all comments concerning the use cases here on the discussion page.

UC_VR_ED_01 Edit structural content[edit]

UC_VR_ED_02 Edit pagination[edit]

UC_VR_ED_03 Create structural element[edit]

UC_VR_ED_04 Edit structural element[edit]

This use case has to be included by one of the following use cases

  • UC_VR_ED_03 Create structural element
  • UC_VR_ED_01 Edit structural content

The prototype is different here: If the user creates a structural element, he is NOT able to edit the corresponding meta data below. She needs save the element first, then mark it and switch to "Strukturelement". (See page "Edit Volume 4. Details bearbeiten") --Rupert 14:33, 19 October 2009 (UTC)

UC_VR_ED_05 Delete structural element[edit]

UC_VR_ED_06 Release structural content[edit]

UC_VR_ED_07 Edit bibliographic metadata[edit]