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General information [1][edit]

vCard is an electronical business card. It is a means of Personal Data Interchange (PDI) that is automating the traditional business card. It is intended to be used for exchanging information about people and resources.

vCard Specification (Version 2.1) [2][edit]

1. Identification Properties

  • FN (Formatted Name, optional)
The way that the name is to be displayed
  • N (Name, mandatory)
Concatenation of the Family Name (first field), Given Name (second field), Additional Names (third field), Name Prefix (fourth field) and Name Suffix (fifth field)
  • PHOTO (Photograph, optional)
  • BDAY (Birthdate, optional)

2. Delivery Addressing Properties

  • ADR (Delivery Address, optional)
Concatenation of the Post Office Address (first field), Extended Address (second field), Street (third field), Locality (fourth field), Region (fifth field), Postal Code (six field) and country (seventh field)
  • LABEL (Delivery Label, optional)
The information which is necessary to create a formatted delivery address label

3. Telecommunications Addressing Properties

  • TEL (Telephone Number, optional)
The type of the phone number (e.g. fax work) will be specified by the Telephone Type property parameter
  • EMAIL (Electronic Mail, optional)
  • MAILER (optional)
The type of electronic mail software that is in use by the individual

4. Geographical Properties

  • TZ (Time Zone, optional)
Information related to the standard time zone of the individual
  • GEO (Geographic Position, optional)
Information related to the global positioning of the vCard object in the form of longitude and latitude

5. Organizational Properties

  • TITLE (optional)
Information about the job title, the functional position or function of an individual
  • ROLE (Business Category, optional)
Information about the role, occupation or business category of the individual
  • LOGO (optional)
An image or graphic of the logo of the organization
  • AGENT (optional)
Information about another person who will act on behalf of the individual (e.g. an assistant or a secretary)
  • ORG (Organization Name and Organizational Unit, optional)
Concatenation of the Organization Name (first field) and Organizational Unit

6. Explanatory Properties

  • NOTE (Comment, description, optional)
  • REV (Last Revision, optional)
  • SOUND (optional)
  • URL (Uniform Resource Locator that represents the individual, optional)
  • UID (Unique Identifier, optional)
  • VERSION (mandatory)
The highest version number of the vCard Specification supported by the implementation

7. Security Properties

  • KEY (Public Encryption Key, optional)

Encoding vCard Information[edit]


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