AWOB Meeting 2011-05-12

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General Information[edit]

  • Date: May 12, 2011, 14.30 h - 16.15 h
  • Place: MPA (Garching), room 005 (basement)
  • Participants
    • Bongiorno, Angela
    • Brunner, Hermann
    • Bulatovic, Natasa
    • Egger, Matthias
    • Finoguenov, Alexis
    • Haberl, Frank
    • Kiefl, Rupert
    • Kim, Jaiwon
    • Koychev, Sveto
    • Lemson, Gerard
    • Makarenko, Vlad
    • Merloni, Andrea
    • Overzier, Roderik
    • Paul, Joachim
    • Sturm, Richard
    • Voges, Wolfgang
    • Vogler, Andreas


AWOB Kick Off Meeting

  • Welcome (10 min Wolfgang Voges - PDF File)
  • Introduction and motivation for AWOB (20min Gerard Lemson)
  • AWOB working plan, technical architecture, user interface aspects (30min Andreas Vogler, Natasa Bulatovic - PDF File, Rupert Kiefl - PDF File)
  • Interaction with scientists (10min Wolfgang Voges - PDF File)
  • First use cases (15min Jaiwon Kim - PDF File)

Coffee break

The meeting is followed by an open-ended discussion starting around 16:00 h


The presentations were followed by a lively, constructive discussion in which the scientists focused on the content and tools of AWOB, the archiving and long term archiving, the group building and authorization process, and the publication process. For AWOB/GAVO users, a detailed version of the minutes is available here.