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Currently, no graphical installer is available for CoNE. This page describes how to set up CoNE as a standalone installation on an application server.


  • Java 6 JDK
  • Postgres 8.3+ database
  • JBoss Application Server 4.2.x

CoNE Enterprise archive[edit]

  • The EAR file (latest release 1.2.16) can be downloaded from the Nexus artifact server.
  • Explode this file into $JBOSS_HOME/server/default/deploy/cone.ear.
  • There are missing dependencies in the archive that have to be added manually:

CoNE database[edit]

  • Create a new database in Postgres. The name can be chosen freely, but remember it.
  • Optionally, a database user with grants for this database can be created.
  • Run the following SQL scripts on this new database to create the database structure:
  • If you want initial content for the existing models, execute the according scripts from here


Check your installation[edit]