Code Discussion 2008-10-13

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ControlOfNamedEntities Service (CoNE v.1.0.0)[edit]

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Communication diagram
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Sequence diagram

Purpose of the code discussion[edit]

  • Inform about the service
  • Find weaknesses in the current implementation
  • Generate ideas for further development

Purpose of the service (v.1.0.0)[edit]

CoNE shall deliver information out of a list (model) of comparable objects, e.g. journals, languages, authors. Clients (human or machine) shall have the opportunity to search for objects to select exactly the object they were looking for (e.g. autosuggest). They than shall be able to deliver more detailed information on this object.


  • [Current code]
  • JQueryConeServlet implemented
  • Currently used Querier: SQLQuerier pointing to Postgres database on
  • Current models: Journals, languages (in en, de, fr). Author names coming soon...
  • MVC? pattern


  • Look for a suiting triple store
  • Unit and integration tests
  • Create, update and delete methods
  • Define and implement harvesting or automated update mechanisms
  • Check for JS, SQL, etc. injection
  • Data Management
    • Currently used DC data at its limits to describe model
    • Unique identifier issue
  • see also the discussion page

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