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  • The start up screen, before you log in, invites you to type something to search for. But you never get any results, unless you log in. It does not even tell you that there are no results, it just gives you a blank result page.


    • remove this global search option
    • if any search gives no results, display a message/page saying "Your search had no results" rather than going to the blank result page. Then you can put helpful explanation about why the search had no results, what the search was, etc. on the page.
  • The login page says "welcome to eSciDoc!" It should at least confirm that you are logging in to the Demonstrator. It could have the TEI and Dariah logos on it. It should have an option to help you if you have forgotten your password.
  1. I received the following message when I tried to log in
"You have been redirected to the eSciDoc login page, but either the redirecting service did not sent a target parameter specifying the URL
to that you would be redirected after login, or the redirecting has failed because the needed session cookies have been declined by your 
browser. Therefore, this login request can not be handled, correctly.  "

je n'y comprends absolument rien. And it's not in English.

  • I got logged in eventually (maybe I had the wrong URL) using the credentials Willem sent me. Then I looked at my workspace, where there is a document "actions and reactions" creators "lou and sebastian". Next to it there is an icon "Pending". What does that mean? I cannot see any way of changing it. There is a dropdown menu saying "collection" but there is nothing in the box. I selected this document by clicking the checkbox.
  • I did a search, following the "search selected document" link. This worked! I looked for "and" in <head> elements and got four hits, correct. It would be nice
    • if it told you how many hits there were
    • if there was some way of knowing *where* in the text these hits came from. Does your engine give you the location in the XML tree? (you could show an xpath, if so