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Aim and Scope[edit]

The eSciDoc Application Profiles (AP) document the descriptive elements used by eSciDoc to describe its content entities, e.g. publications, organizations, etc. Additional information about objects (properties for items and its components) and structural relations between objects are also existing, but currently not considered in these APs. The APs are nowhere near to being complete yet.

In the first step, the APs are meant for documenting the existing xml schemas only. These documents should be the basis for all future communication about the metadata profiles in use, e.g. PubMan. We also expect that this approach will help us clarifying how to implement the requirements, thus the work will have certain impacts on the xml schemas.

The format of the table below follows the CEN Workshop Agreement 14855 for Dublin Core Application Profile Guidelines[1]

Functional Requirements[edit]

human readable description of the functional requirements ...

Domain Model[edit]

picture of the domain model ...

Description Set Profile Application XY[edit]

Resource X[edit]

Description Template of Resource X

Term URI
Label publication
DC Definition A book, article, or other documentary resource.
DC Comment -
eSciDoc Definition A publication, e.g. book, article, inproceedings.
eSciDoc Comment -
Type of term Class
Best practice -
Remarks -

Resource Y[edit]

Term URI
Label file
eSciDoc Definition A digital resource.
eSciDoc Comment -
Type of term Class
NarrowerThan -
Best practice -
Remarks -


  1. CWA14855: Dublin Core Application Profile guidelines, see