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Usage guideline

Attribute Definition
Term URIUniform Resource Identifier persistent URIUniform Resource Identifier that refers to the definition of the term
Label name of the term
Name not needed
Defined By not needed
DCDublin Core Definition definition of the term in DCDublin Core.
DCDublin Core Comment DCDublin Core comment
eSciDocEnhanced Scientific Documentation Definition definition of what means the term in eSciDocEnhanced Scientific Documentation context.
eSciDocEnhanced Scientific Documentation Comment place for restrictions on definition in eSciDocEnhanced Scientific Documentation
Type of Term DCMIDublin Core Metadata Initiative Type of term. Can be Class, Property, Syntax Encoding Scheme, Vocabulary Encoding Scheme
Refines URIUniform Resource Identifier of term that is refined by the current term.
Refined By URIUniform Resource Identifier of term(s) that refines the current term.
Encoding Scheme for not needed
Has Encoding Scheme not needed
Obligation obligation of the term. Can be mandatory or optional
Occurrence multiplicity of the term
Condition not needed
Datatype probably not needed
Best practice best practice of usage in eSciDocEnhanced Scientific Documentation
Remarks remarks for user
Status eSciDocEnhanced Scientific Documentation status of the term. Can be e.g. draft, agreed, implemented
Language constraint Can be yes or no. Just available for Literals and cannot combined with SESSyntax Encoding Schemes,VESVocabulary Encoding Schemes.