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eSciDocEnhanced Scientific Documentation Admin Tool

The Admin Tool shall support administrative tasks for eSciDocEnhanced Scientific Documentation infrastructure and solutions. Information on initial implementation available at ESciDoc Admin Tool initial implementation


  • functions
    • administrate core and solutions
    • create/alter roles
    • control re-cache/re-index
  • implementation
    • GUIGraphical User Interface
      • Style should be easily changeable and be based current solutions. --Haarlaender 15:12, 19 October 2009 (UTCCoordinated Universal Time)
    • CLI (?)
      • I don't think this is necessary as an additional abstraction layer. There is still the SOAPSimple Object Access Protocol and RESTRepresentational State Transfer interface --Haarlaender 15:12, 19 October 2009 (UTCCoordinated Universal Time)
    • plugin interface to extend support for solutions
      • Maybe like a set of managers (one for managing users, one for contexts etc.) with user interfaces that can be "pre-configured". Means certain values are preset by the current solution. --Haarlaender 15:12, 19 October 2009 (UTCCoordinated Universal Time)
  • check on more light-weight technology esp. for the GUIGraphical User Interface
  • 1&1 GUIGraphical User Interface widgets
  • Groovy, Grails
  • GWT - javascript too cryptic, widgets compared to what other FW provide
  • javaScript based
  • portal/portlets
  • todo: evaluation of FWs

Review/Evaluation of appropriate web-frameworks

see also a previous evaluation.

ApacheOpen Source and Most Widely Used Web Server Wicket

  • Not very lightweight in my opinion
  • Swing-like implementation in Java
  • Pro: Pure HTMLHypertext Markup Language on view side


  • language: Groovy (runs in JVM)
  • Java libraries can easily be used
  • First glance: Fast development of easy use-cases with db-sources.
  • Provides some UI widgets
  • JQuery can be used as "Plugin"
  • growing community

ApacheOpen Source and Most Widely Used Web Server Cocoon


  • W3CWorld Wide Web Consortium recommendation
  • Specification is not supported by most webbrowsers (needs special plugins)
  • Some solutions try to bypass this problem by transforming XForms into Javascript on server side (e.g.
  • Anyway, Chiba and other demos do not work with my Firefox 3.5 browser.
  • Not a suitable solution