ESciDoc Committer Meeting 2009-09-08

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Date: 08.09.2009 Start time: 14:30

Location: Karlsruhe, München (Video conference or TelCo)

Participants MPDL: Natasa Bulatovic, Michael Franke

Participants FIZ: Steffen Wagner, Frank Schwichtenberg, Matthias Razum, Harald Kappus

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eSciDoc Colab[edit]

  • Status
  • meetings pages open for everybody
  • new name: Committer Meeting


  • MPDL needs the domaine-redirection for the eSciDoc-colab

Content Model[edit]

  • Discussion of concept (only first step of CM)


  • no discussion needed in the moment

Topics for joined development[edit]

  • Admin Tool: first step: concept
    • FIZ: Steffen
    • MPDL: Markus
  • Admin Search, DB Cache, SOLR: first step: define Requirements
    • FIZ: Michael, Andre
    • MPDL: Michael F.(DBCache), Tom(AdminSearch, SOLR)


  • the two groups will start with an email communication and define the strategy

Release 1.2[edit]

  • approximate timeline


  • a first release candidate is scheduled for end of september
  • MPDL will check the list of v1.2 features

PubMan clean-Up[edit]

  • 6-8 weeks, start after 5.0.5 BugFix release (approx 15.09)
    • JBoss issues highest prios
    • stabilization
    • evtl. Selenium tests


  • beginning of november the MPDL-solutions (like PubMan, Faces,....) will run in the same JBoss as the core services