ESciDoc Committer Meeting 2010-02-02

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Date: 02.02.2010 Start time: 14:00

Location: Karlsruhe, München (TelCo) phone: +49-89-38602-223

Participants MPDL: Natasa Bulatovic, Wilhelm Frank

Participants FIZ: Matthias Razum, Frank Schwichtenberg, Steffen Wagner, Dr. Michael Hoppe, Harald Kappus

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Transfer Ownership[edit]


  • several alternatives discussed , todo: Colab page
  • transferring ownership makes sense for content resources and contexts
  • created-by=owner
  • all versions vs. last version only (create new version during this op or not)?
    • in any case only the created-by on the last version is delivered by core-service

event types[edit]


  • not clear on details of event types yet (arguments to be cross-checked on discussion page)
  • event types can be URIs, these need to be published (
  • no need to have event types by resource type (as they are in the version history of particular resource already)

new properties for OU[edit]

  • status


  • whether additional information on predecessor (date, comments) are part of the metadata of OU or not?
  • is's a mixture
  • on the other hand it makes no sense to use coreservice methods to add relations and use separate methods to modify the metadata
  • solution to be found and discussed
  • additionally discussed the need for having OU data as single master data that would be available for several separate content repositores
    • both teams agreed this is valid requirement, to be further discussed if OU Data should be separate and independent service, or master-child repositories solution should be found. Will be further discussed as there are requirements on this topic already.

releases PubMan[edit]

  • date of Metadata release
  • Test with v1.2?


  • end of the week release


  • eSciDoc-Colab Page setup
  • Alignment of tools and processes (e.g., Maven)
  • Improved and harmonized communication of eSciDoc
  • eSciDoc Blog
  • service names and classification
  • service-architecture board
  • documentation of services
  • installation guides
  • eSciDoc Lab: Colab page gathering experimental modules
  • Exchange of staff members for specific developments or share development

eSciDoc Colab[edit]

  • domain-redirection for the eSciDoc-colab
  • set up the colab and move the eSciDoc pages from MPDL colab