ESciDoc Committer Meeting 2010-10-05

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Date: 05.10.2010 Start time: 14:45

Location: Karlsruhe, München phone: +49-89-38602-223 VidCo-ISDN: 08938602595; alternate ip

Participants MPDL: Natasa Bulatovic,

Participants FIZ: Steffen Wagner, Michael Hoppe, Frabk Schwichtenberg, Harald Kappus

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  • PID assignment to Items and Components
    • issue: component versioning - content versions
    • is a bug - will be fixed with the next bug-fix release
    • MPDL - will send FOXMLs
  • next release 1.3 - pre-release November
    • no FOXML migration
    • reindexing of Lucene index
    • admin search - first step of internal refactoring
    • will not require JBoss
    • connection handling - internal clean-up - performance improvements
    • dropping all EJBs - leaner code
    • reworked message queue



  • eSciDoc-Colab Page setup
  • Alignment of tools and processes (e.g., Maven)
  • Improved and harmonized communication of eSciDoc
  • eSciDoc Blog
  • service names and classification
  • documentation of services
  • installation guides
  • eSciDoc Lab: Colab page gathering experimental modules