ESciDoc Committer Meeting 2011-05-24

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Date: 24.05.2011
Start time: 14:30
End time: 15:45

Location: Karlsruhe, München
Participants MPDL: Natasa Bulatovic, Michael Franke
Participants FIZ: Michael Hoppe, Steffen Wagner, Armand Brahaj, Matthias Razum, Harald Kappus

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  • Release
  • the old filter methods arn't avilable any more
  • schedule for Pubman on V1.3

use "eSciDoc Infrastructure Java Connector" (escidoc-jic, former Java Client lib) for PubMan[edit]

The escidoc-jic offers, beside methods stubs, support to map XML representation into Java classes. We recommend to use the mapping feature of the escidoc-jic for PubMan too.

PubMan has it's own XML mapping implemented (also based on JiBX). Even if not all values of the representation are mapped in PubMan and with this both mapper differ in some way from each other could it be an advantage for all to maintain only one mapper. After a look into the sources of PubMan we came to the conviction that the one-time effort for Solutions to replace own mapper with the a common mapper could be done in a way where the dependency is reduced, concerns separated and refectoring schould be easy. The Solution keep there internal Data Object as it is.

The idea is to write a class based mapper between Solution internal Data Objects and escidoc-jic Data Objects.

Solution -- Solution Data Objects --- >< class based DO mapper >< --- escidoc-jic Data Objects --- XML representation --- method stubs

Creating the class based mapper is is not done in a half day, but the big advantage is that any representation change is covert by the escidoc-jic. The Solution should only have little effect on this. And at the places where a new version effects the Solution one get support by compiler. The experience with our Solutions, even if they are not as big as PubMan, is that changes inside the escidoc-jic are to adapt in less than an hour and happend rarely.


  • SOAP not available any more
  • Ideas from FIZ

AWOB Project management scenario[edit]

  • discussion over possibilities

MPDL developments[edit]

  • JBoss versions in use at MPDL
    • 4.2.2, 4.2.3
    • New project with 6.0.0.Final
    • will not be upgrated to 6.0.0 for PubMan before end of 2011

future topics[edit]

(see ESciDoc_Committer_Meeting_2011-04-19)

Committer Meetings[edit]

  • 07.06.11
  • 21.06.11
  • 05.07.11
  • 19.07.11
  • 09.08.11
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  • 20.09.11
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