ESciDoc Committer Meeting 2012-01-10

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Date: 10.01.2012
Start time: 14:30
End time: 15:30

Location: Karlsruhe, München
Participants MPDL: Natasa Bulatovic, Wilhelm Frank, Michael Franke
Participants FIZ: Michael Hoppe, Harald Kappus, Steffen Wagner

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Minor Changes on Representations[edit]

Some mandatory fields should be optional, because these are mostly free text fields without any furhter value checks in infrastructure.

  • Context/Properties/type

The type element is currently a free text field without furhter checks or rules on infrastructure level. It's seems to be used in applications to detect application specific Contexts. Proposed: type field is optional. Empty element is forbidden. If element is set then is it delivered with retrieve.

  • Context/properties/organizational-units

At least one refence to an OU has to be set. It seems that no action or rule is tied to the Context, OU combination. Why should be force then the user to create such a relation if it has no influence? Proposal: organizational-units will be an optional element. If it's set, everything is like before. If it's not set, nothing should change anyway.

  • Item/Compontents/Component/properties/content-category

Content-category is a free text field without further restrictions or influence on standard installation. It could be -and is- used within style sheet transformations by more advanved users and applications. Allowed or useful categories are not defined. Proposal: element is made optional. Empty element is forbidden. If category is set than it's tracked like before. If element is non set the depending (XSLT) scripts have to handle it. This is a point where the admin should have an eye on it for an infrastructure upgrade.

  • Item/Compontents/Component/properties/visibility
  • Item/Compontents/Component/properties/mime-type

Setting mime-type is useful (e.g. LTA), but setting "by hand" is unusual. Proposal: If mime-type element is set, this value is used. Empty element is forbidden. If mime-type is no set, the infrastructure try to auto-detect it. If determination of mime-type failed, than is the element kept as unset and the content is delivered as application/octed-stream.


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