ESciDoc Committer Meeting 2012-10-16

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16.10.2012, 14:30 - 15:30 | Previous Meetings | Next Meeting

Location: Karlsruhe, München

Participants MPDL: Juliane Schönfeldt, Wilhelm Frank, Michael Franke

Participants FIZ: Michael Hoppe, Frank Schwichtenberg


mpdl escidoc version 1.3 problems[edit]

  • AttributeFinder error --> requests for this id from outside
    • outcome: improve logging so its clear the error comes from the wrong request
  • update context request changes other context --> fixed, delivered with v 1.3.7
  • problems with incremental indexing
    • Improvement: Admin-Tool shouldnt delete index by default (remove check in checkbox)
    • Sometimes indexing is not working correct when updating an item, old version still remains in index


  • add button to groupview to see users belonging to ou

IJC with version 1.3.6[edit]

If ou-name contains escape character ou is not retrievable by IJC --> Update from version 1.4.1 to 1.4.2


VidCo: ip
phone: Conference room 089.38602-213