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This page provides general overview on the Container resources within the eSciDoc repository. General introduction available at eSciDoc Logical Data Model page.

Model description[edit]

  • A Container represents aggregation of content resources such as other Items and/or Containers. Each Container comprises of:
    • at least one MetadataRecord i.e. one or more metadata descriptions of the overall content of the container
    • zero or more members of type Item or Container expressed with the "structural map" of the container

UML Diagram[edit]


  • For simplicity reasons properties of the objects and item resource details are not represented on the diagram. Properties are managed by the escidoc repository itself and may change during time. For more information on the properties and ther usage please check the documentation available at eSciDoc Container Service. Data model details for Item resource is available at eSciDoc Logical Data Model-Item.


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