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Please use Publication Type Vocabulary Encoding Scheme for up-to-date information.

Outdated information

This document defines a simple vocabulary for use with the dc:type property in the eSciDoc Publication Application Profile. The vocabulary consists of seventeen classes (listed below) where each of the classes corresponds to one of the key entities in the eSciDoc Model.

Value URI Label Definition Article An intellectually closed text, which is published in or submitted to a print or e-journal, magazine, special issue, newspaper or repository. All articles have passed or will pass some editorial review and/or have been peer-reviewed. Book A non-serial publication that is complete in one volume or a designated finite number of volumes. In physical form, a book is a collection of sheets of paper, parchment or other material bound together along one edge within covers. Books are often identified with an ISBN. Book Item A defined chapter or section of a book, usually with a separate title or number. Proceedings Collection of conference papers and talks, from a conference or a series of conferences. Conference Paper A paper submitted and/or presented at a conference, workshop or other event. Talk at Event A manuscript or recording of a presentation or talk. It is characterized by the event where it is held. Conference Report Documentation of a conference, workshop, meeting or other kind of event. Conference Poster A visual stand-alone display of research results at a conference. Courseware/Lecture Materials characterised by its educational purpose. This could be one or a series of lectures, course material for seminars or tutorials. The courseware / lecture material can be reused in several educational purposes and is therefore not closely related to a singular event. Thesis Thesis (= Hochschulschrift): A thesis or dissertation submitted in completion of a course of study at an institution of higher education. Paper A paper reflects innovative concepts and ideas within a discipline in order to stimulate new research and challenges current theories in science. It does not necessarily have to be a concluded contribution based on scientific research. In difference to an article, a paper does not have to meet the editorial standards for publishing and citing. Report A research, statistical or technical report issued by an institution, agency, government body or other organisation. Manual Technical documentation. Journal A regularly published scientific resp.scholarly journal. Issue A bundle of articles and is published as part of a journal. Series A bundle of regularly published items. Manuscript A handwritten or typewritten -- unpublished -- manuscript. Web Page A document that can be viewed by an Internet Browser capable of rendering the document's static or dynamic (X)HTML content. Other This genre should be used for any resource you cannot assign to any existing genre type.