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SOA Introduction


Intermediate services represent both a service requestor and a service provider within the eSciDoc SOA. They act as adapters and façades to the basic services or add additional functionality. Intermediate services are stateless and can manipulate their own data in addition.

Service: Validating[edit]

The validating service provides interfaces for validation of the item and container resources in accordance with defined set of rules. Validation rules are defined for a combination of a content model, validation schema, metadata schema version and a validation point. The validation rules are defined with Schematron.

Validation points represent the aspect of validation e.g. save, submit, release, etc. The validating service takes as an input the XML representation of an item or container and the validation point. In return it provides and XML-structured validation report that contains an errors or warnings (i.e. restrictive or informative validation messages).

Service: Control of Named Entities[edit]

The purpose of this service is to provide methods to deal with controlled lists of named entities to assure data quality and facilitate data access and data entry.

Service:Basket Handler[edit]

<CandidateService>A service that provides operations for creation, retrieval, update, deletion and sharing/unsharing of user baskets. User baskets are objects that represent a set of selected Items and Containers of interest for a specific user. User baskets can be private or shared with a single user or a group of users.


<CandidateService>A service that provides operations for notification and alerting purposes on saved searches and upon application service specific events.

Service:Image Handler[edit]

<CandidateService>A service that provides operations for manipulation of images (zoom-in, zoom-out, image area selection etc.). At present Digilib is considered as a tool for implementation of the image handling service.

More information about the ongoing discussion about this candidate service can be found here.