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This page has been created for discussion of the requirements of Issue 319

Retrieval of a Filtered List of User Accounts


Content of List of User Accounts

We should discuss what information about the user account shall be shown in the list of user accounts.

  • A reference to the user account (objid or xlink:href, depending on the interface), only?
  • A reference to the user account including name, login name, email information?
  • A reference to the user account including name, login name, email information, and active flag?
  • All properties of the user account including the list of related organizational units?

  • should the list structure be dependent on attributes that we will have for a user account provided by the identity provider?
  • do we already know the minimum set of attributes that must be provided by the identity provider? --Natasa 11:21, 24 October 2007 (CESTCentral European Summer Time)

Filter Criteria

Filter criterias for user account could be, e.g.

  • Ids
  • Name
  • Primary Organizational Unit
  • Organizational Unit
  • Active/Deactive

Sorting Criteria

It has to be clarified if sorting of the list is needed and by which values the list shall be sorted, e.g. by

  • Name
  • Login name
  • Email
  • Id
  • Primary organizational unit
  • Organizational unit

Note: probably all criterias also used for filtering

Prototype Implementation

There still exists a prototype-like implementation within the base services, but this is currently not available as a RESTRepresentational State Transfer/SOAPSimple Object Access Protocol service. This implementation creates a non-filtered list of all user accounts containing the xlink to the user account (in case of RESTRepresentational State Transfer) or the objid of the user account (in case of SOAPSimple Object Access Protocol), the name, the login name, the email and the value of the active flag per user account. This prototype implementation could be made available as a service of the RESTRepresentational State Transfer and SOAPSimple Object Access Protocol interface, immediately.

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