EScience Seminar 2009/EScience-Seminar Fashion Wave or Driving Force of Progress

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"eScience" has become a buzzword, but

  • what is behind this term -- apart from PR?
  • how relevant is it for top-level research?
  • what is its relevance for the Max Planck Society?

After two years of eScience Seminars held within the MPG which led to several concrete results, we invited all directors to discuss these topics together with external speakers at an event at the evening right before the Section meetings in February.

Responsible for Content[edit]

  • Peter Wittenburg, MPI for Psycholinguistics in Nijmegen
  • Wolfgang Voges, MPDL and MPI for Extraterrestrial Physics, Garching


  • Tony Hey, Corporate Vice President External Research of Microsoft
  • Ad Lagendijk, Distinguished Professor of the Univ. of Amsterdam
  • Kurt Mehlhorn, Director of the MPI für Informatik in Saarbrücken

Further Panelists[edit]

  • Andrei Lupas, Director of the MPI for Developmental Biology, Tübingen
  • Jürgen Renn, Director of the MPI for the History of Science, Berlin