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Meeting 27.01.09[edit]

Mikiko, Masao, Natasa, Bastien, Rike, Kristina

NIMS is interested in the Faces solution for handling pictures of diamonds. The diamonds shall be enriched with metadata, but the metadata is not available yet. As for Faces, the metadata will be extracted from the file name, for NIMS, another solution is needed.
Further on, we talked about the possibility to enhance the Faces solution with a submission interface (each picture with its metadata can be submitted by users). In the long lerm we will need this functionality to make the Faces software more generic.

MPDL will not be able to continue more generic FACES development before we finalize the current schedule for the institute. It would be up to NIMS to decide whether to take current version of FACES and develop different functionality upon it, or wait for MPDL fulfillment of already planned schedule and therefore approaching more generic solution (for metadata as well as for resources). At present, MPDL can help with some hints on the code and in the definition of the metadata schema. NIMS has identified that there is already a schema that is standardized for this purpose and will check better if this schema will be used or not.


  1. NIMS tells the MPDL the metadata needed for the diamonds (inkl. known standards which could be used)
  2. MPDL will develop an metadata schema for NIMS
  3. NIMS will create the metadata for each picture in a seperate XML file based on the schema
    • Each xml file has to include the name of the corresponding picture
  4. MPDL will ingest the picturs and the metadata files in eSciDoc
  5. MPLD provides a small guide "How to change the FACES code"
  6. NIMS changes the Faces code to fullfill their own requirements