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Hyperspace@AEI Blog and Newsletter[edit]

In this project an existing information resource for general relativity research (a.k.a. Hyperspace/GR List) shall be migrated to a web-based infrastructure and enhanced with additional functionalities for user participation and data management.

Home Page[edit]



The main aspects of the "New Hyperspace" will be:

1. to work as information hub on

  • conferences
  • jobs
  • general news

2. to maintain and update database of GR scientists (based on current mailing list subscribers)

3. to generate a paper digest of arxiv publications, enhanced with keywords

4. to act as a repository of talks (pdf, ppt), animations, public codes (link list, svn)


The online part of the newsletter will be implemented as a weblog in a WordPress installation at the AEI.

The blog will provide access to a webform for users to post information on upcoming conferences, job openings, publication announcement, and other relevant news of the community.


The content of the newsletter consists of the recent news posts of the blog and will be send out via a mailinglist instance at the AEI on a monthly basis.

Interest of the MPDL in the project[edit]

For one, this is a typical online-publishing project which fits nicely in the portfolio of the digital editions group. Additionally, it lets us explore the possibilities of our wordpress installation as micro-publishing platform.

Publishing blogs will become almost a necessity for other projects within the MPDL as well, and a project which shows how to bridge the gap between new media and older ones will be of much interest.

This particular combination of blog and newsletter may even be a much appreciated way to disseminate information about MPDL news.

Blogs have become one of the established, thus better understood, forms of modern online publishing. In the context of MPDL projects they seem appropriate in various scenarios: Blogs

  • can provide a targeted feedback channel, e.g. for WALS,
  • provide a micro-publishing platform including support for editorial workflow, thus allow small projects to start small and quickly,
  • can be used as knowledge organisation tool on top of any other web resources, e.g. as journal overlay for pubman, maybe for the Sengbusch collection or the Zeitschrift fuer Naturforschung (just as the LISA newsletter is an overlay on top of arxiv).

MPDL contacts[edit]

Robert Forkel, Frank Schulz, Christina Weyher

AEI contacts[edit]

Prof. Luciano Rezzolla