Imeji Community Meeting 02.10.2012

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Time: 11.00 - 12.30

Tool: DFN (no account needed)

Audio (Phone): +49-30-2541080 ODER +49-711-6330190 DANN 97924586#

Participants: FK, KA, MS, JB, JL, HK


  • Status stable release
    • Status of Bug-Fixing / Release Date

Release planned for kw 42
Everybody should update, reassign issues in git to ensure we are ready

    • Release promotion?

We will write a common press release

  • Responsible person for twitter?

Is Karsten, everybody can have the account and we should all twitter

  • what do we post on which list (community, support)

Please always keep in mind if communication is interesting for whole community, not only for the 'inner circle'. The community list is open (for public) and all posts on imeji-community list should always be in English. The support list is the list for internals.

  • MoU (MPDL-IKB) meeting in Munich, 31.10.12

  • interfiction conference in Kassel, 16.-18.11.12
    • participants
    • abstracts
    • travel, accommodation

Bastien will check if someone from MPDL can come. Karsten will send email what input he needs from the community (e.g. abstract)

  • Cooperation Leuphana - HyperImage
  • Meeting in Munich, 19.11.12?

Bastien will send doodle

  • Next DH event at IKB in Berlin "Gespräche zur Digitalen Kunstgeschichte am IKB - Bildannotation", 30.11.12 - who takes part?

Bastien will come

  • imeji Flyer (print version)

Friederike and Karsten will take care