Imeji Community Meeting 03.07.2013

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Time: 10.00 - 12.30

Tool: DFN (no account needed)

Audio (Phone): +49-30-2541080 ODER +49-711-6330190 DANN 97924586#

Participants: BS, KA, MS, JR, FK


  • imeji Day 2013
    • Functionalities in Focues/ Why imeji : with results of umfeldanalyse.
    • Language: All communication will be in english, people will be asked for preferred language in registration.
    • At beginning of imeji day we can hand out question papers, were we collect all questions for the discussion.
  • R
    • PDF integration
    • digilib integration
    • Testing: 22.7.13
    • Release: 26.7.13
  • R (
  • Wording: Image (as we will have other media types as well)
  • Wordpress installation for documentation and blog
    • MPDL can probably provide HiWi support
    • Karsten can set up wp, we will talk when new HiWi is at MPDL.
  • New Flyer
  • Prometheus Schnittstelle für imeji implementiert (Danke Kölner Jörg!)
    • Gibt es hier eine öffentliche Sammlung des IKB welche wir für promo zwecke verwenden können?
    • There is still the problem that images can not be imported. Karsten will tell Jörg K. to contact Bastien to solve this problem.
    • Karsten will create a REQUIEM collection on HU imeji, which we can use as a show case for prometheus.
  • Stand GUI restructure?
  • Stand Thesaurus integration?
    • Jörg B. can start the implementation in August.
  • Aufteilung Umfeldanalyse (Bastien will send template with Punktesystem):
    • imeji - Rike
    • Resource Space - Karsten
    • Flickr - Bastien
    • Canto Cumulus - Rike
    • Hydra - Marco
    • Adobe Bridge - Julian/Hai (?)